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Why write articles

We can help write an article and use can use it to promote your website. The distribution of articles through free article directories is one of the best ways to promote your website. Even if you have never written one, there is at least one type of article that almost anyone can write. 

Choose a topic that is relevant to your website and Knowledge.

Think of an aspect of your topic that can be made into a list. You’re going to write an article that has the “Top Ten Ways” to do something, or “Six Simple Techniques For” something, or “Five Questions To Ask” Whoever. Other possibilities include “Six Great Ideas For…,” “Top Ten Tips for…,” “Ten Secrets About…,” “Three Steps To…,” and so on.

Now just follow the simple outline below. Suppose the article is on ways that you can get free traffic for your website, and the key word is “free website traffic.”

1. Write a title for the article, using the keyword it, so searchers can find your articlemore easily: “Six Ways To Get Free Website Traffic.”

2. Write a description of one or two sentences, telling the reader what they will get from reading your article.

3. Create a numbered list, and explain each entry with a couple sentences: “1. Write articles. This is perhaps the best way to get free website traffic. Submit your articles to article directories, and readers find there way to your site by way of the link at the end of your article. 2. Exchange links with high traffic websites.

4.End the article with a short paragraph, using the keywords one more time: “You can see that some of these ways to get free website traffic are easier than others, but why not try all of them. The real question is which will work best for your website…”"

5. We can Create a short “About The Author” or author’s resource box. Have just one link to your website in it

Let us help

By having lots of articles on lots of web sites around the world, you automatically rank above average on search engines because of your link popularity. All those links in the resource box back to your site can make a big difference in search engine ranking.

  • Increase traffic with your article.
  • Increase your own and sales..
  • Increase your brand name.
  • Add links to your articles 
  • Add coupons to your articles 

Writing and submitting articles is the fastest way to become known as an authority.  We  can help you write  and distribute your articles. It is  recommend to submit articles 2 to 3 times a week.

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