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I would say, that Blogging is fun, because you can choose your own topics and write on almost anything you want, you can learn from different Bloggers the history of Blogging and the way it has reached a pace today.


With Blogging you can write on anything like.


You can have many Blog sites with different topics and this is also one of the ways you can earn your income.


Blogging can also become one of the ways for people to know you, you can create Blogs on your life if it has been inspirational, people love reading autobiographies that interest them, and so if you have stories to tell, it can be love or action story but an interesting one, people will definitely pay their attention to your blogs every day.


If you are interested in writing on different products than there are many sites that would allow you to write reviews about their products, in fact you can earn good money in writing reviews on products and earn from the top companies who are willing to pay you good money for your write up on products.


Some sites will also give you a HTML code for the products to be pasted on your Blog and people can see that, in this way you are earning income when they buy the product they choose.


Blogging Markets Your Business


Blogging provides an immediate and unique form of advertising for the company. Customers are able to read and research products and services through blogging and companies can better understandlng of what their customers want. 


Build and design your blog (one-time charge $150)

Free matching mobile site         Monthly Hosting $20.00


REMEMBER:Don't get the Blog here  if you are getting a website with us. The blog is free with the purchase of the website.

Email Marketing

94% of the internet population send or read emails


It is estimated that 93% of marketers and 49% of consumers made a purchase as a direct result of receiving an email message, don't be left behind, advertise your business, services or product.


Email marketing is the most effective way to increase revenue, generate leads, strengthen customer relationships, increase website traffic, and build brand awareness.


With no paper, printing, postage and mailing house costs, email marketing can dramatically reduce the costs of your direct marketing campaigns.  


Just imagine if you have 200 contacts and you decided to mail your ad the cost would be just for the stamps $88.00 then add your time, the cost of paper, envelopes, and printer ink. 


This makes email marketing the most cost-effective method of marketing.


Hire us to design and deliver your email campaign.


We charge $15 a hour.


We use most of the popular ones,


  • Constant Contact


  • Mail Chimp


  • Active Campaign


  • Get Response.


You can buy a block of time, weekly or monthly. Buy as many as you like at a rate of $15.00 hour

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